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Promotional Products Exponentially Increase Brand Recognition

05 Aug Promotional Products Exponentially Increase Brand Recognition

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!
Brand recognition requires repeated exposure to the brand name, slogan and logo. This is what we do every week at BNI. We stand up state our name, company name and our slogan. Seeing or hearing the same thing over and over again is often one of the best ways to remember something and that’s where promotional products come in.
Customers are more likely to remember your company if they have been exposed to it hundreds, even thousands of times. A promotional item has the ability to show off your brand on a daily, hourly and even minute-to-minute basis. Pens, notepads, magnets are seen daily which is a constant reminder of you, your products and services.
According to a recent study 39% of all people who have received a promotional product in the last 6 months can remember the name of the company associated with it.
So, for all that is new & useful in promotional items please give me a call Michèle LeSage with Pangea your one stop shop for all your promotional needs. (707) 778-0110.

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